Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yard Sale Success

We had our first yard sale towards our retirement goal. We didn't do to bad either. Terri took Friday off from work so that we could have the sale on Friday and Saturday. It was a good thing that we did Friday because Saturday was about as slow as Terri has ever seen it, and she has done several over the years. She did very well on Friday though and said she never really didn't have any customers. Over all we made a little over $350.00, not to bad for stuff that we didn't want or need. We will probably use the money to help pay for Christmas so that we do not add anything to our debt. We also sold some of Mom's stuff that Dad had cleared out since Mom's death. He made $83 and every little bit helps him. We donated all the clothes that didn't sell to a local church coat closet and anything that was junk we threw away. The rest of it we packed back up for our next yard sale. My only hope is that it isn't a yard sale but a house sale. A come in and make an offer type sale. We have begun letting the kids determine the things that they would like to keep. There is only a couple of items that Terri and I don't really want to leave the family. We have a curio cabinet that we gave our selves as a weeding present. We also have a curio cabinet that Dad had built and we have redone along with the desk that was leftover from the wood after remaking the curio cabinet. There is also a shelf unit that a good friend and I made one night. Nothing special just a nice L shape knick knack self. Other then that the only other thing I don't want to give up is my TV. I saved for 2 years to buy my TV and I love it. It is a 47" Samsung and the picture is GREAT !!!!! My only problem is that it will be hard to get into most fifth wheels. My son thinks that I should just give it to him. I told him "No Way, you want it you will have to buy it. Oh well we will have to see. Maybe I can figure out some way to make it fit in the trailer.
Then on Sunday, Jeff and Becky called and wanted to know if we wanted to go look at trailers with them. So we off we went to look again. They are also looking at getting a 5th wheel because they too like the layouts, the homey feeling and the ease of a fifth. So we just enjoyed the beautiful upper 70 temps with the beautiful sunshine and each others company. Neither of us made any buys but got better ideas of what we all liked. The other nice thing was that the sale people pretty much let us do our own thing and just look. After looking all day, they did narrow some of the choices down and only 1 stood out. Was a 2008 3295RKS Montana by Keystone. Becky really liked the rear kitchen as do Terri and I. Oh well, like I told them, you will eventually find the one that is right for you. We plan on taking them to the Tampa RV show in January. It is one of the bigger shows. Al in all, it was a great day. Thanks Jeff and Becky.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Fun Begins - Step One of The Dream

Today we take a big step towards our dream. Terri is home having a huge yard sale. We had been going through the house, gathering items that we no longer want or need and know that we will not be able to take them with us. It took us a couple of weeks to get prepared and we know that we will probably have to do it again at least 1 more time. I am hoping that the next time, we can just open the house up and let people pick what ever they want and make us an offer.
We actually went to an RV show on Sunday to look at some 5Th wheels just to see what's out there. Unfortunately the RV show was not a very big one and there really wasn't many 5Th wheels that would work for us or that we liked. About the only brand that peaked any interest was the Cardinal line by Forest River. But, all was not lost, cause while we were driving to and from the show we had a chance to do some planning and form a rough time line of the way we see things going. We actually had talked about selling the TT and tow truck at the yard sale but decided against that. We decided start by focusing on our debt first and get that out of the way. We hope to be done with everything except the house, TT and a little left on the truck by the end of 2010. This will free us up to start to look for or 5'er and start to get the house ready to sell sometime in 2011. Once those 2 things are complete we would move into the 5th wheel and live in the area for another year or 2 to save up a nest egg and finish other preparations. We know that we will have to work while we are on the road so we are looking at some different options of work available and opportunities that we may be able to do with our current jobs (if any one has some suggestions, let us know). Our original target date was 10/7/2012 and we are shooting for that, we may just have to extend it a little longer if needed. We know that it will be worth it and we want to make sure that nothing stops us from living this dream.
Well I will try and keep you updated of our progress as we go along. Oh yeah, you may actually get to read Terri's perspective as she has said that she would like to blog. She likes to write and I personally think she does a good job.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Silver River Day 2

So before we get to Saturday, day 2, there was a little more drama Friday night. We had just finished eating dinner when Jeff and Becky called. Seems that they had a little mishap. On their way up to spend the weekend with us they had a little accident. Seems that the kayak rack on top of their car decided it didn't want to stay attached. The wind got up under the kayaks and pulled the rack and kayaks right off the car and dropped them on I-275 doing 70 mph. As bad as that sounds, the Lord was looking over them. The kayaks stayed attached to the rack and slid to the median. There was no one hurt and no accident was caused. Then a very kind gentleman put their kayaks in his truck and took them to the next exit. So they called us because the rack was shot. Roy and I rode down to the exit and put them on his truck and we continued back to the campground. Needless to say Jeff and Becky were very lucky and thing could have been a lot worse. (Thanks to the Lord for their safety).

So day 2 started with a good breakfast and we headed out to paddle up river from the campground to the head springs. The trip down the path to the dock was a little challenging as the kayak carts that I had built didn't quite work like I planned. Oh well back to the drawing boards with them. We finally got to the river and got everyone headed up river. What a beautiful day. The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze. The Silver River is a very beautiful spring fed river that is so clear the entire length. There are spots that are 30 feet d and then there is spots that are very shallow. There is an abundance of of turtles, fish and gators, as well as birds of many types. The gator above was just sitting on the log watching us go by. There was also many larger gator and the largest we saw was probably about 8' long. Terri and I took the double so that Terri could sit back and relax after her day yesterday. It took us about 1 hour 45 minutes to go up stream and then we just relaxed and floated back to camp for about 45 minutes. What another great trip on one of the most beautiful rivers in the country.

The rest of the day we just enjoyed each others company and dinner. It was great to have Jeff and Becky with us. They seemed to have a good time. Unfortunately the next day was Sunday and the day to pack up and head home. We did stop at Terri's Mom and Dad's and spent the afternoon with them before heading home. All in all another GREAT Weekend. Of course and weekend camping is great !!!! Well this is a little late but I guess late is better then never.

I also want to give a shout out to Julie for being our first follower. Thanks Julie, I hope you continue to follow us.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Silver River State Park - Day 1

Happy Birthday Mat !!!! 18 and he wants to go camping for his birthday. That is just so awesome !!

We spent the weekend at Silver River state park camping with our son, his girlfriend, Lynnsey and her parents Jan and Roy and a couple from our life group. What an great weekend. We arrived Thursday night and were greeted by Lynnsey's parents. Then later that evening Mat and Lynnsey joined us. Mat set his tent up because he wanted to rough it and sleep in a tent. More power to him !! Friday we went to Juniper Springs to kayak. It was an overcast day and looked like we might get a little rain. The trip started out great and the river was as beautiful as I remembered. As we got down the river a ways we did start to get some rain but it didn't seem to bother any ones spirits. I did begin to notice that the river current was much faster then I remembered and we even hit a spot where Mat started to say he heard rapids. I told him there was no rapids on this river, but as we came around a corner sure enough the river had some very small rapids, (I guess you would call them ripples but for Florida they are Rapids). As we continued DW was having trouble keeping the back end of her kayak straight in the strong current. Well, as I'm sure you can guess, that eventually caught up with her. Her and I were behind the group and she was last. There was a palm tree that was coming out of the water from right to left and she needed to get to the left to go around it. Problem was as she tried to get there the back end of the kayak got away from her and she ended up going into the tree sideways. Yup, you guessed it, SPLASH !!!! Terri had rolled over in the strong current and fallen out of the kayak. Now the thing that surprised me the most was her reaction. She is normally a very calm person who does not normally freak out. Well that wasn't the case. She came up gasping and hollering, I tried to turn around and paddle back to her but the current was to strong so I jumped out of my kayak and swam/walked back to her. Once I got to her, and she realized she was OK and that everything in the kayak was safe (watertight box with keys and cell phone) she calmed down. She was a little sore, we think she hit the tree and the roots on the bottom of the river as she rolled out. Well needless to say Terri was very happy to get back to the take out spot and get off the river for the day. She was cold and wet and very tired. But even though she had her first tumble in a kayak I know that she will get right back in to it and take on the next challenge, she doesn't give up easy.

Well I will post this one since it is already a week late and I will continue with the rest of the trip later.