Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Camping

Only 2 more days till we get to take the trailer out again. We will be camping for Halloween. This all came about because while we were camping at Disney our youngest son called us and surprised us. Our youngest son turns 18 on the 30th of October and when he called he asked us what we were doing for his birthday. We told him nothing in particular. He then proceeded to ask us if we could go camping for his 18Th birthday. Now I don't know about you but for an 18 year old son to want to go camping with his parents for his 18Th birthday says a lot about what the boy likes to do. Grant it we are going with his girlfriend and her parents. We will be camping at Silver River State Park in Ocala. This happens to be one of our favorite state parks. We will be kayaking the Juniper Springs and the Silver Springs River while we are there. We will also be joined by Jeff and Becky who are a couple that hosts our bible study. They are outdoor people and have done several back packing and camping trips. They are also interested in the RV world of camping and hope to learn some pointers this weekend. We look forward to getting to know Roy and Jan as well as Jeff and Becky a little better. Its always a good place to learn more about people when you can relax around a camp fire, play games and just enjoy each others company. I will have to post about our adventures when we return. Happy Halloween to all !!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Hot Time in Disney

Disney World, they say, is a magical place. Yes, it is unless it is in the mid 90's and there is people everywhere. We used the last of our seasonal passes on an extended weekend. It was nice to be able to camp and use our trailer at Fort Wilderness, but the time we spent in the parks was very HOT !!! The only good thing for us was that we were in no rush and we were not trying to do all the parks in X amount of days. We spent Friday at Disney's Animal Kingdom because that was the park that we had been to the least. We rode the river rapids ride and got totally soaked and we were wet most of the day from that. We did both of the shows there, Lion King and Finding Nemo. We both thought that Finding Nemo was the best show that we have seen at any of the Disney Parks. Of course we did all of the firework shows over the 4 nights we were there. Terri's favorite is Fantasmic, at Hollywood Studios and mine is the Illuminations at Epcot. Our last night we did the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. The fire works were good, but we really enjoyed meeting this couple there that has been married for 50 years. They were a neat couple from Maryland. Of course they couldn't believe the heat either. We talked to them for about 30 minutes after the show while we waited for the crowds to thin out. Terri and I both said that we hope to be able to spend our 50th wedding anniversary at Disney. We shall have to wait and see. We are only close to being half way there. Well our next camping trip will be Halloween - our youngest will be 18 and wants to go camping for his birthday !!!! Imagine that !!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Finally !! Our First Post

First, let me say hello to all that are reading our blog. Thanks for taking time to join us and we hope that you will come along as we follow our dreams and adventures to becoming fulltime RV'ers.

I sit here in Fort Wilderness Campground, drinking a cup of coffee, trying to gather all my thoughts. There is so much that I want to put down in this blog but yet I don't want to go running on and on. SO, let me start with the most important item. Terri, the love of my life, had a birthday on Oct 7th. This day may not seem very important to most, but to Terri and I, it is the official beginning of our quest to become fulltimers. We have long dreamed of traveling in an RV but on Oct 7th began our countdown to our target date. We have set the date as Terri's 50th birthday, Oct 2012. There is so much to learn and do between now and that date, but we look forward to it. There is a phrase that I have always believed in and that is: It's not the destination, it is the Journey to get there. So come along on our journey and let us know that you stopped by. We look forward to meeting you all down the road.