Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekend At Myakka State Park and New Friends

Wow, what a great weekend. We camped at Myakka State Park this past weekend and had a great trip. Let me start from the beginning. I took off both Friday and Monday, unfortunately Terri had to work both of those days but Joined Cinnamon and I after work on Friday )more on that later). I arrived on Friday just after noon. I found my spot, which was a little tight and close to our neighbors, but I made due. I met our neighbors, Ed and his wife Susan and Ed helped me get backed in. We chatted for a couple of minutes and then they let me get set up. After I got most everything set up I called Terri and let her know the exit and site number for when she came down after work. So with the afternoon to our selves Cinnamon and I went for a walk and then came back and we chatted with Ed a little more. Ed and Susan are from Newnan, Georgia and have been at the cap ground for about 3 weeks now. This was their 4th year of coming to Myakka and they really like this campground. We had a good conversation and I told them we would meet and talk to them again later. I had planned all of the dinners for the weekend and all of the meals were ones that I got from Linda from RV and her recipe page. So I went in and started Taco soup for dinner then spent the afternoon catching up on some magazine reading. Terri called about 5pm and said she was getting ready to leave. She went by Publix to pick up some fresh bread and a couple of things that I had forgotten and started down. I figured it would take her about an hour and 15 minutes. Well, i got caught up reading and didn't notice it was almost 7pm before she pulled in. Seems she had used our GPS an it took her to the back gate of the Park. Of course the the park officials had already left that gate for the night and she didn't know that combination for the gate. It also seems that she had tried to call me several times on my phone but I had turned it off to reset it and forgot to turn it back on. She finally got hold of someone at the front gate and they gave her the combination to the gate so she could get in. Needless to say she wasn't very happy with me when she finally got to camp. Sorry Honey, I hope the wine cooler and the dinner made you relax a little and forget the bad day you had at work. By the way the Taco soup was delicious and I highly recommend it. Well, we just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of our evening. We did have a small fire in the fire pit but it was under the canopy and there was no way to move it. I told Terri that maybe Saturday night we would have a fire with the neighbors.

Saturday turned out to be a nice day. The weather man said it was suppose to rain, but what do they know. I would love to have a job where I only had to be right some of the time and get paid for it. Anyway, Terri and I decided to take a bike ride and enjoy the day. We rode quite a while and checked out several parts of the park. We soon realized that this was a great park with lots to do and see. There is a lot of wildlife and plenty of trails to ride and hike. After our bike ride we got back to camp and visited with Ed and Susan some more. Ed had invited us to join them around the fire before I could even ask to join them. So we agreed to meet after dinner. Once again I made dinner and I prepared Pecan Crusted Fish - a variation of Linda's salmon. Again it was delicious, but Terri wants to try it on the salmon next time. I had used Mahi Mahi which is a fish I prefer. After diner we sat around the fire and talked till almost 11pm. We really enjoyed talking with Ed and Susan and I think that they enjoyed having the company.

Sunday: The day started a little foggy so Terri and I slept in for awhile. After a nice big breakfast we went to do some more exploring. We did some more bike riding and checked out the north end of the park. After we got back Ed and Susan invited us to join them at the bird walk on the lake to enjoy the sunset. After wards we all went back and we had dinner together. I made the Slow cook ribs from Linda's page, and once again it was delicious. We finished up and chatted a little more before we called it a night, Terri had to get up early to go to work in the morning. Ed did invite me to take a kayak trip down the river with him because his wife doesn't like all the gators.

Monday: Terri was up and gone by 6:45 am. Way to early. She called me just before 8am when she got to work. I got up and again it was really foggy. Ed ask me if we were ready to head to the river so away we went. We put in at the Concession area and we were going to float down to just below the campground. The weather was actually very good for the trip, overcast and not much wind. There was plenty of alligators and many types of birds. Several of the birds you could almost reach out and touch before they flew off. Thanks Ed for inviting me, it was a good trip. I look forward to doing the lower part of the river next time.

Oh yeah, just after we went under the bridge in the park we saw an inflatable kayak. As we got closer I noticed it was a Sea Eagle, I said hello to the couple in the boat and assured the lady in the kayak that the gators would not bother her. I introduced myself and Ed to Peggy and Gary. We started talking about the Sea Eagle and how my wife and I wanted to look into it before we go full timing. Well low and behold they had read about it on RV Dreams and they were about ready to start the full timimng life style. Not only that but they are attending the Rally in April. Wow what a small world. We look forwad to meeting and getting to know Peggy and Gary more at the rally. Well, we got back to camp and I had to pack up to head home, but not before saying good bye to Ed and Susan and exchanging our addresses so that we could stay in touch. Oh yeah, by the way Ed is not ready to full time but I think Susan is. Time will tell wether or not Ed gives in. Thanks Ed and Susan for a great weekend. We hope that our paths may cross again.

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